Indian market potential and European know-how : synergies to capitalise on

Stable, but saturated : the European economy grew fast in the half-century following the 2nd world war but, except in some niche segments, is hardly a growing economy at all in 2010.

The seat of the industrial revolution, Europe still is today, however, a prime source of well proven know-how as well as inventiveness. Companies in the territory often own true industrial or design gems, but the market dynamics make it difficult to generate profits in their historical markets, making India a valid candidate for expansion.

For its part, today's Indian market often has demand but lacks suitable offers either in terms of quality, functionalities, or even production capacity.

Moreover, this demand is unlikely to diminish over the next 20 years or so as a major proportion of the Indian population is yet to jump on the bandwagon of the market economy. In short, what we see today of the Indian market is only the tip of the iceberg.

This means opportunities both for Indian and European companies :

    for Indian companies, to expand into new sectors / segments, provided they can fill the country's rising requirements adequately
    for European companies, to expand into new territories, fuelling the growth that cannot be fuelled by European demand any more.

We, at Inalliance Consulting, are here to help companies from both territories fill the gaps in their product lines or territories.
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Whether you are an Indian company seeking product or process technology from Europe, or a European company seeking to enter the Indian market, we help you define your requirements, identify the right partners, structure your project and take it to completion.

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